Microsoft scores leader from Gartner – 6th year in a row!

Microsoft has done it again!  Their Microsoft Lync product has helped them continue to grow in the upper right quadrant of the Gartner’s UCC Magic Quadrant.

I really hope that with their acquisition of Skype they are able to provide a light weight version of Lync via Office 365 for free, while offering a very cost effective full version of Lync for home users.  This will really help close the gap!  This brings full collaboration, unity, and productivity to home users and the business users.  And think of the federation capabilities this provides!

Read the full report here:

Army Approves Lync for Field Use

This is fantastic news for Microsoft, for us, and for the Army!  Microsoft has helped show the United States Army how a product such as Microsoft Lync can help deliver the right people, the right time, and the right resources anywhere in the world.

Using this tool, the Department of Defense has show that the security of the tool is meeting standards of the United States, allows us to make more informative decisions faster.  This means now we can wrap intelligence around anything!  No longer are we dependent upon deploying pepole everywhere, we can have a team of front line soldiers, and a team of intelligence in the background.  This allows us to stay one step ahead of the curve :)

3D Conferencing Technologies

Think of the last time you sat on a conference call, whether just an audio based conference call or an interactive audio/video/content conference call.  How engaged were you?  If you felt like you were pretty engaged, that’s great!  Now, think of the traditional conferences/meetings.  You typically schedule a block of time on everyone’s calendar, find a room, secure the resources.  The meeting goes great up until you look at the clock and you are running out of time.

Two things could take place.  First, you have a meeting to talk about something that is happening – ie: go over an agenda, assign resources, recap previous meetings, etc.  Second, you meet to collaborate amongst collegues.  This is a great example of what I’m going to showcase.

Take the collaboration example.  Ten people book a room for one hour.  In that one hour, you are expected to ramp up the dialog, make sure everyone is in attendance so you get the best ideas from everyone, and you are expected to have all data in your back pocket.  If you don’t, then typically you’ll need to schedule another meeting or work offline.  Then, you come back again after a period of time to meet again.  But, in the first part of this example, let’s say 45 minutes into it everyone starts changing directions and gets on to valuable collaboration.  Now, what happens to that feeding off others when you get kicked out of the room becuase your one hour is up?

This brings me into a product from ProtonMedia where they have developed a virtual meeting center.  This virtual meeting center allows all to create an avatar that simulates them in real life, and build knowledge around specific subject areas.  This tool now integrates into Lync, which allows real time collaboration amongst people, integration into SharePoint, which brings skills and resources around collaboration, and now single sign on so you can be a single entity.

This tool I started playing with last night and I am already seeing value within it.  I can be matched up with the right people instantly!  Maybe they aren’t online (the real person :) ), but maybe they can still provide some quick knowledge or point me in the right direction.

I’ll be playing with this tool a lot in the next few days, but thought I’d start telling everyone how excited I am to see progress made from the standard 2D conferencing to new 3D conferencing worlds.  This is really going to improve, expedite, and give quality to meetings, conferences, collaboration, training, and education.

Here is a link to this tool:

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BlackBerry Biometrics in trackpad

A new speculation that RIM may be patent(ed/ing) a new technology to be built into their future BlackBerry devices where a touchpad, used for input to the device, and replaces both the trackball and legacy trackwheel, will double up with some advanced software to provide Biometric input.  This will allow users to do fingerprint reading to their device to perform such services as unlocking and locking their device, distress messages, wow, I can only think the possibilities are endless.  This can be a proxy to a VPN client, WiFi access, even general username/password access to websites.  Think of this technology doubled with Bluetooth will be an awesome leap for enterprise security.

It’s going to be an interesting ride!  If you think about the resolution of a touchpad, it is really only looking for touch sensitive information such as is a finger on the touchpad or not.  Will be interesting to see what the hardware and software combination looks like!

iPhone losing exclusivity?

There has been lots of speculations around the net that on Wednesday, January 27th at the Apple conference a possible announcement could be made that AT&T will no longer hold exclusitivity to the iPhone.  What does this mean to other carriers and the enterprises wishing for a manageable and secure smartphone?

Things to do with SharePoint

Create a scripts page that has a form and input boxes.
Take the PowerShell commands (ie: new-distributionlist or new-mailbox) and export the form to a window on the page.  Copy and paste them to PowerShell

Adding Full Mailbox Access

When a user requests full access to a mailbox, you’ll need to run the following via PowerShell:
add-mailboxpermission “IDENTITY” -accessRights FullAccess -user “IDENTITY2″
Identity = The mailbox being requested access to
Identity2 = The user requesting access to the mailbox.
Lastly, the user will need to restart their Outlook client in order to login to the mailbox.

View Last Logon – Exchange 2007

get-mailbox  -identity twilliam | select name, @{n=”LastLoggedOnUser”;e={(Get-MailboxStatistics -id $_).LastLoggedOnUserAccount}}

Name               LastLoggedOnUser
——                ———————-
twilliam             CORP\twilliam


Actually here is a better one :)

# ? = where-object
# ft -a = format-table -autosize

Get-MailboxStatistics -identity twilliam | ? {$_.objectclass -eq “mailbox”} | select DisplayName,Last* | ft -a

 DisplayName     LastLoggedOnUserAccount LastLogoffTime        LastLogonTime
———–     ———————– ————–        ————-
Williams, Tyler CORP\twilliam           11/26/2008 9:14:28 AM 11/26/2008 9:1…