Will Book Publishers Climb in Bed with Apple?

It will be interesting to see come March when the Apple tablet ships if book publishers will be competitevly competing with Kindle like devices. Seems Apple was able to change the rules to the “dead” music era and make money, but they made money for themeselves, not the artists. Is the best bang for the buck going to go to Apple again in the publishing world or is this something that the publishers will make serious cash on? The unveiling tomorrow should look quite interesting!

Speed Tests

Just did a quick speed test to see what the “basic” version of Road Runner was.  Not too bad for their basic service!  The upload could be improved, but hey!  What do I need to upload?  Everything I need runs in the cloud already :)

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Finally! Finished my twitter background, make sure to follow me @

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North Carolina Texting Ban

Started on December 1st, it now appears you can no longer text message, operate a camera (Yes, I’ve done that several times), use “additional technology” to operate music, and other devices.