Wow!  With the abundance of data streaming out there in the world these days, there is a huge need to reel in the compliance, retention, and control of that data. 

Imagine an employee who starts to communicate with someone over a social media site such as LinkedIn, goes back and forth with quotes from their sales CRM application and then the conversation ends shortly later.  Several weeks, days, months, etc. go by, and the conversation again stirs up on LinkedIn.  When official business is conducted, what retention does your company have in place to find that data should they need to?  Is it archivalable?  What if data leaks?  What if your employee uses that data against your company?  What if your employee uses that social site to take contacts or other data to competitors?  What if your employee’s significant other or friend gains access through social engineering?

What’s the right mix of the data?  What is the right mix of control?  Should these sites be allowed to exist?  If there is a significant business purpose for these tools, how can a business ensure the right partner agreements are in place?

As I compose this draft, I’m putting this out there for thoughts, but keep this in mind and feel free to comment as you think of how this can data can be useful and harmful to the right folks.  I’ll be updating this post soon with more data, but this is a good start of my ideas.