Life Saver Award
Award for someone who has gone above and beyond and “Saved the Day!”

Tyler has “Saved the Day” on several activities including the following:
Taking action on server notifications that he received very early in the day and ensuring that the notifications were addressed. This included the recent temperature problem that happened on a weekend.
Tyler took a leadership role in developing and executing a plan for the conference room transition. He created a spreadsheet that included the new conference rooms, A/V equipment, phone type, furniture placement from and date and release date. This comprehensive list was the resource used to develop the conference room release plan. This was not within his job responsibility but was necessary to ensure that the rooms were indicated correctly in Outlook.
Tyler created an automated script that sent notes to employees prior to their move that had important information including their new seat location, phone number and information, printer information, etc. Tyler sent notes to every employee several days prior to their move to help them prepare for their move. This again was not in his job responsibility but was identified as a need to help the employee move run smoothly.
Tyler Is always ready and willing to help in any way that he can. Recently he assisted the ASM team when they presented him with a challenge related to the Windows 7 implementation. They are considering both his solutions and will select one when they deploy to the enterprise. Tyler also took the time to create a script that will be needed to handle the removing of local admins.
Tyler continuously jumps in and helps whenever he is ask or if he finds an opportunity.

Tyler Williams exhibited exemplary work to bring aboard new staff from the Phase 2 acquisition.  Tyler transitioned Phase 2 staff not only quickly and without error but with creative solutions that allowed for a smooth transition and enabled staff to maintain contact with their clients.  Additionally, Tyler stayed online throughout the weekend during the transition responding at all hours within minutes.  This passion for performance allowed us to address and correct issues before Monday.  Tyler also allowed all new staff to call him directly to answer any questions making them to feel comfortable with their Premier IT tools.  Tyler impressed both Premier IT staff and our new Premier staff members from Phase 2 with his superb support. ~ John Huddle, IT Infrastructure