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BlackBerry Biometrics in trackpad

A new speculation that RIM may be patent(ed/ing) a new technology to be built into their future BlackBerry devices where a touchpad, used for input to the device, and replaces both the trackball and legacy trackwheel, will double up with some advanced software to provide Biometric input.  This will allow users to do fingerprint reading to their device to perform such services as unlocking and locking their device, distress messages, wow, I can only think the possibilities are endless.  This can be a proxy to a VPN client, WiFi access, even general username/password access to websites.  Think of this technology doubled with Bluetooth will be an awesome leap for enterprise security.

It’s going to be an interesting ride!  If you think about the resolution of a touchpad, it is really only looking for touch sensitive information such as is a finger on the touchpad or not.  Will be interesting to see what the hardware and software combination looks like!

New BlackBerry Presenter from RIM

So, RIM has a new Presenter device that allows a user to see a PowerPoint Presentation from the device onto a projector via Bluetooth, looks super hot!! Will retail for about $200.00, can’t wait to check it out!