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Microsoft scores leader from Gartner – 6th year in a row!

Microsoft has done it again!  Their Microsoft Lync product has helped them continue to grow in the upper right quadrant of the Gartner’s UCC Magic Quadrant.

I really hope that with their acquisition of Skype they are able to provide a light weight version of Lync via Office 365 for free, while offering a very cost effective full version of Lync for home users.  This will really help close the gap!  This brings full collaboration, unity, and productivity to home users and the business users.  And think of the federation capabilities this provides!

Read the full report here:

DSCP on Exchange 2010 Replication?

A friend asked me if it was possible to specify DSCP values for Exchange 2010 replication. After doing some trial and error and research, it seems like it’s possible. By segregating MAPI and Replication to different NICs, and using Local Policy, you can set port 64327 (TCP, Default Exchange 2010 Replication Port) to use a DSCP value. I’ll test this later in my lab….